February 13, 2013 Page Two

Earlier this year I bought a iPad mini1. I wanted to write something new about it, but there were already so many great reviews.

I agree with everything that has been said before. I applaud the mini’s light weight, exquisite design, and its strategic fit within Apple’s iOS lineup. The iPad mini is a evolutionary step, not a revolutionary one, but by paying close attention to the details, Apple has redefined what a personal computer can be by giving us less instead of more.

One of my favorite reviews was this one by Patrick Rhone. He speaks not only of the iPad mini, but of a new approach of loading apps upon it.

As I have preached here before, my out of the box strategy app strategy is this. Start it up brand new and install things as needed. Thankfully, iCloud and the ability to selectively load past purchases from the App Store make this easy. I also moved everything from the home screen and the dock right away and have been moving things there based on usage.

I have been doing the same with my iPad mini. Installing only the apps I need on page two, and piecing together the puzzle of what apps will fill the prized positions on my dock and first page. The process of graduating an app to page one really forces you to evaluate how you want to use your iPad in the future. The process is made even more demanding if you pick an iOS wallpaper you are not quick to cover up. I picked a picture of my new wife. And that is why you won’t find any apps on the first page of my iPad mini. Page one is a private reminder. My apps start on page two.

  1. 32 GB white, with LTE on Verizon.