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By Thomas Brand

2020 MacBook Air

Last week Apple announced a new MacBook Air and not only is it good — for most people it’s the Mac to get. The new 2020 MacBook Air costs less, comes with twice the storage, more performance, all while ditching the unreliable butterfly keyboard. If I was buying a 2020 MacBook Air today, this is the configuration I would get.


Unless you are only using your MacBook Air for web browsing and word processing, get the Intel Core i5 processor upgrade. Not only do you get double the cores, but a faster 3.5 GHz Turbo Boost for only $100 more. I wouldn’t bother with the Intel Core i7 processor upgrade for another $150. If you need more performance than an Intel Core i5 you shouldn’t be buying a MacBook Air.


I have been using a 2018 MacBook Air with 8 GBs of RAM for a little over a year and never suffered from a lack of memory. I don’t use my MacBook Air for video editing, virtualization, or 3D graphics. If you do maybe 16 GBs of RAM makes sense, but at an additional $200 I’ll pass.


Luckily this year a measly 128 GB SSD is no longer an option. The biggest problem I have with my 2018 MacBook Air is running out of storage. If a MacBook Air is your only computer spring for more storage, otherwise the $200 512 GB SSD upgrade is more than enough for most people.


I don’t buy AppleCare+ for my computers, and you shouldn’t either. Unless you need the 247 expert technical support from Apple there are better extended warranties out there.


You are going to need a USB-C to USB Adapter, but you can do better than Apple’s $19.00 option with a single port. Personally I like AmazonBasics USB 3.1 Type-C to 3 Port USB Hub with Ethernet Adapter, but other models with more ports, SD card slots, and video out are also available.


If there is anything I wish this new MacBook Air had it would be removable storage. As much as I love Apple, their storage prices are outrageous. By soldering down their SSDs, Apple is making data recovery more difficult for their customers.


Dongles aside my custom MacBook Air would cost $1,299.00, and is available at most Apple Store as a standard configuration. Just don’t forget about the $100 off educational discount.