Egg Freckles
By Thomas Brand

1st Jan 2020 App Store Editorial

It is a shame that some of the best and brightest technology journalists to ever cover the Apple beat, have been hired away by their favorite fruit company and reduced to farming cultivated stories from within the high walls of a private orchard.

I don’t blame them for following the money, and I certainly don’t blame them for wanting to work behind the curtain of the muse that has fascinated them for so many years. (Given the same opportunity, I too might have surrendered to the mothership.)

But because I remain outside the ring, or because I don’t lean on the App Store to deliver my technology news, I will never read any editorial from these virtuosos ever again.

Technology reporting and the Open Web as a whole has suffered at Apple’s insistence to lock them away.

This post was inspired by this tweet and this link that I can”t open on my Mac. As it turns out it was my fault for running an incompatible two year old version of Apple’s Macintosh operating system.